Hamid Nicola Katrib – Interview

Watches are, indeed, a work of art. Whether they are contemporary or vintage, jump hour or smart, watches require not only technical thinking, but also a creative mind.

One of the most creative icons of the Romanian contemporary art is none other than Hamid Nicola Katrib – and we had the great pleasure to talk to him about our shared passion: jump hour watches!

Born in Bacau (Romania), Hamid grew up in Lebanon and was surrounded by art from an early age. He fell in love with the 17th century Flemish style and, encouraged by his family, he graduated as an interior designer from “L’Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts” in Beirut. Soon after, he made his debut in the Romanian art world, opening his own interior design studio at the age of 24. His works are characterized by bright colors, oriental influences and the European modernism.

In the short interview below you will discover more about Hamid and his passion for art, as well as his relationship with the object of our passion: jump hour watches. The interview has been edited for clarity, but none of the ideas have been changed.


When did you start collecting watches?

I started about 4 -5 years ago, when I found my first jump hour watch. I was so mesmerized by it and I decided to buy it right away. It was truly love at first sight! Since that day I started considering adding watches to my collection.

What was your first jump hour watch and what did you find interesting in it?

My first watch was a limited edition designed by the Prince de Baschmakoff in the 1970s. What I loved – and I still love – about this watch was its minimal, contemporary design. I really like the gold color, and the combination with the brown leather of its band convinced me I should make it part of my collection. It is a really unique piece and I found it so chic – it made me fall for it!

How would you describe a jump hour watch?

For me it’s rather the combination between the vintage look and the beautiful design that catches my eye when it comes to jump hour watches. All the watches I have are at least 10 years older than me, yet they still look so contemporary and fashionable! I find that amazing about them: it’s the vintage that never gets outdated!

How many jump hours you have in your collection?

I have 5 watches so far, all from different periods.

How would you describe your ideal watch?

I would say my ideal watch has to have an interesting design, it has to catch my attention and make me fall in love with it, but also be reliable.

What other hobbies or passions do you have? What other things can be found in your collection?

I am a painter, so I love collecting everything related to art. I collect portraits and paintings in general, but also furniture, glasses and may more.

We are very grateful and we thank Hamid for answering our questions so openly. If you want to find more about him and his work, check his website (www.hnk.ro) or his social media accounts (@hnkatrib and @hnkgallery on Instagram).


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