Roni Madhvani – Interview

It is not difficult to fall in love with watches, that’s a certainty for us, but today we decided to bring in front of you the very proof of it: Roni Madhvani, entrepreneur and influencer with Indian origins who takes great pride in his collection.

With a fanbase of many followers on social media and around 30 years of experience in the art of collecting, Roni Madhvani is a connoisseur of vintage pieces – and one of his favorite objects to acquire are watches!

We had the pleasure to ask Roni a few questions about his passions and he was glad to answer! Below you will find more about who Roni Madhvani is as a collector and what do vintage watches mean for him. The interview has been edited for clarity, but none of the ideas have been changed.

What things are you interested in? What can be found in your collection?

That’s one of the problems: I am interested in many subjects, periods and cultures so I always gather far too many things in my collection. I collect any piece of art related to the art-deco style, deco bronzes, Cas Mascots from the early period, Indian and African art, and a whole load more! Even so, I believe it’s always important to be focused on what you really want to collect – so you don’t get taken away by everything that might stir your interest.

For how long have you been collecting watches?

It has been about 30 years now and I am proud of my collection so far – but there is always more to come.

What was your first jump hour watch and what made you want to add it to your collection?

It was the Patek Philippe Reference 3969 Limited edition watch made for the 150th anniversary. It’s a great piece and I cherish it even to this day.

What do you find special at jump hour watches? 

I think at a subconscious level it’s tied to my love for art-deco, which is also the period jump hours originate from. Besides, I enjoy the austerity of the 30s reflected in the design of the watches.

How many jump hours do you have in your collection?

I have and have had quite a few pieces. First, the Patek Philippe Reference 3969 that I have mentioned earlier, a Cartier Platinum Tank a Guichet RG version made by Louis Cartier, as well as other jump hours from the 30s and 40s.

How would you describe the perfect watch?

A watch – especially a perfect one – needs to have that special something. It needs to speak to me to catch my full attention.

And the vintage watches from Jump Hour Shop definitely have this power! Be it automatic or mechanic, round or square, you will certainly find the perfect fit on our website.

We thank Roni Madhvani once again for the honor of taking part in this interview! You can find him and his wonderful collection on Instagram at @roni_m_29, as well as other social media platforms.


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